The Daily Create: Technology & You

As The Hours Hurry By

A touch of light at five in the morning

From my iPhone’s sensitive screen

A taste of melodies at six-fifteen

From iTunes’ serendipitous serving


A snatch of news, a sliver of a story, a snippet of what’s new

From Siri, from Alexa, from You


It’s seven-thirteen and the sky is smiling a bit of blue

I ask the tube to confirm rain, snow or sun for the day

I check Facebook to see what they have to say, today

I ask iCalendar for my daily tasks to peruse and pursue


Yet another milestone in cricket, you say?

Let me verify that on Cricinfo and Cricbuzz

So that I can pierce another place on Pinterest

Hashtag a photograph on The Gram

Snap a Snap

Post a Post


All that before I sit for breakfast and tea

A warm circle around one hand

A cool rectangle shaping the other

And the world at my fingertip’s command


It is eight oh two

And I caress technology

Before I kiss you

Alas! He, technology, far from me can never be


As the hours hurry by

And the day’s end draws nigh

My arms are around you…My arms are around…you…

…But my eyes are glued to that technologically hypnotic hue…


Syris Spectra

Smith, Abiesha


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