The Daily Create: Fake News

Please Let Me Live…

In this Onion article, How Animals Go Extinct, a humorous account is given about the process of animal extinction. While the entire article can be read for a good laugh, it still highlights a very real and serious issue that we still face. Some persons might read this article, laugh and then continue trekking through their lives without a second thought about it while the curiosity of others might be piqued and they might further research the current and serious news about animal extinction, World Wildlife Fund, etc. All in all, the article works for those who want an easy laugh and for those who want an easy laugh and to learn more about the issue. The downside of this article is that persons not knowledgeable of animal extinction would take this article for its lightness and believe that animal extinction is really something to be flippantly passed off. Which is quite the contrary…


Talking Vegetables

This article, published fifteen years ago, shows just how long ago fake and satirical news has been circulating around the mass media. This short and sweet article was written to show readers just how extreme genetic modification can become: talking vegetables! The article pointed out “that more pleasantly voiced broccoli should hit store shelves by 2003.” Since 2003 has come and gone, I wonder just what our broccoli are saying to us now that we are in 2017…


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