The Daily Create: Social Media Personalities

Quite Quintessential

Though an avid user of the World Wide Web, I am not a strict follower of a specific media personality. When on the internet, I view a multitude of media personalities, their works, etc. As a devout fan of cricket, I find myself frequently perusing the Instagram accounts of my favorite cricketers to keep myself in the know of their lives inside of and aside from cricket. But their accounts would not be useful examples for media personalities because though they are regular media outlet users, for me, they are not media personalities. A media personality, for me, is one that uses the internet primarily as an outlet for their work and letting others view their work. And one such media outlet that I do follow and check quite regularly is Quite Perry.

Quite Perry is the social media outlet of Rohan Perry, a Jamaican comedian who creates comical videos usually starring himself in multiple roles: he stars himself, and his alter-ego: Patricia Brown. His works interest me because, despite him being Jamaican, he reenacts life situations that are common to every West Indian country: Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, etc. I can be having a bad day and any one of his videos would have me in fits of laughter.

One particular video that I can look at over and over again is one where Patricia Brown reenacts the behavior of Jamaica drivers in the video entitled “Fast-food restaurants be like..”. This video is so very quintessentially true for fast-food restaurants worldwide but only would someone as brazen and shameless as Patricia Brown would attack the restaurant employee in such a manner!


Another video that would have me cracking up is the “That one friend who has everything in her purse..” where Patricia and Rohan are at a restaurant and when Patricia tastes the food, she declares that the food has not enough flavor and proceeds to rummage around in her purse for the necessary items to make the meal more appetizing. This video is a worldwide relatable one because we can all attest to having that one friend who can have just about everything in his/her bag, right? I am guilty of having such a bag; while I don’t have hot sauce, mustard, tomatoes and ketchup in my bag, I have just about everything else!


All in all, I like to, most times, view media works that are funny, uplifting and relatable. Life is challenging enough in real life and I use the internet as one way of alleviating and making light those challenges, trials and tribulations that I can face when not facing a technological screen…


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