Super Sad True Love Story: Individual Introduction

Their Future’s Past Them…

Our map (Myself, Cindy, Katelyn, Paul and Stephanie) outlined some of the treks and paths taken by Lenny and Eunice throughout New York City, starting from page 103 (Central Park) and ending on page 168 (Lenny’s Apartment). As we progressed through the aforementioned pages, Lenny and Eunice’s increasing intimacy is highlighted: they started with a light kiss in Central Park and ended with their bodies intertwined in sexual intimacy in Lenny’s apartment. These locations complemented the entire novel in that they showed the progression of Lenny and Eunice’s relationship and highlighted key features of the novel: love, intimacy, culture, family, oppression, suppression, and the like.

I compiled all the information gathered by my group members and created the Google Map. This was my first attempt at doing such a task and it was not without its difficulties! However, the challenges that I encountered were minor: drawing lines on the map was one such challenge. It irked me at how the solution hid in plain sight right before my eyes! After little teetering and fiddling with the Map’s options, I was able to locate and utilize the “draw a line” option. In hindsight, that challenge should not have been a challenge at all!

There are many benefits to using Google Maps, the biggest (for me) being able to bring a story to life and visualize just how [a part of] the story unfolds. With this mapping program, I was able to better understand the paths that Lenny and Eunice took and the significance of certain locations. For example, if I am correct with Lenny’s apartment location, his Co-Op would be the now Cooperative Village. I wonder if this location was intentionally chosen by Shteyngart: if it was, then it is interesting that a building or a housing complex that was once named “Cooperative Village” was a place (in the novel) where everyone was “cooperatively retiring”. Even when they had the Power Outage, Lenny and Eunice helped, supported, and accommodated all those in their Co-Op who would have otherwise suffered. For me, I see no drawbacks in using a mapping program: we live in a world where visualizations are becoming increasingly important, necessary even. Maybe the only drawback would be the dwindling use of paper maps but that would be helping our dwindling trees, no? I am not certain…

I enjoyed working with my group: everyone had an assigned responsibility from the commencement of our project and this helped in the efficiently smooth flow of our collaborative work. If more time was for taking with this assignment, I would have loved to map the entire novel for the sake of seeing how the story in its entirety unfolded.

But time was limited and the day has drawn nigh, so I will happily content myself with my half-filled cup of tea and with the biscuits that we have arranged for the taking…


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