Digital Storytelling: Reflection Post

The Hindrance Vs The Help

It is quite amazing how, in just a few decades, technology has transformed and evolved. We use technology in almost every moment of our daily lives: with our (sometimes) annoying alarms, our comforting coffeemakers, our music, our cars, our bus stops, our laptops, etc., etc., etc. In short, the list is long. Technology has globally increased the productivity and efficiency in many areas and opened many doors that would otherwise remain closed.

In an effort to analyze the topic of creativity and whether it helps or hinder creativity, I utilized several technological media. Throughout my work on this topic, I was able to discover many reasons that favored technology’s help to creativity: not only does creativity enhance the aesthetic quality of someone’s project/work, it promotes positive and insightful feedback from the audience as well as enhanced communication.

As I started my project, I wanted to momentarily step away from Windows Movie Maker and towards another media. As such, I perused the World Wide Web, searching for a software program that I could download and utilized I found Animation Creator and Logo Creator (two apps downloaded on my iPad) and used it along with Microsoft Word and Windows Movie Maker to create my digital story. I had used Logo Creator before so it was a walk in the park but Animation Creator was more of a sprint. That particular app opened my eyes to the difficulty that can arise when creating digital simulations and I have an increased admiration for those who successful manipulate and create those stunning animations. My proficiency with digital software was greatly tested and there were many trialing moments that I considered returning to safe, dependable Windows Movie Maker but I took a long swig of that good ole’ energizing tea and persisted until the end, which was another task in itself! When I had finished compiling five-hundred plus frames into an acceptable, animated form, the animation creator’s user interface proved faulty when I had to search about ten minutes before I found the place to export my video!

Had the question “does technology hinder creativity” been answered in a written-based form, it would have packed a weaker punch. Questions and topics of this nature need to be answered and presented in visually appealing forms if they are to successful impact the target audience. While an essay (or the like) form would contain the necessary facts, statistics, and examples to promote technology’s help to creativity, in my view, a higher level of critical thinking would be have to be utilized with digital storytelling because one has to be astute in deciding what to include and what to omit. Also, the small time frame in which to keep the audience engaged pushes one to always be aware of the length of one’s presentation and helps in constant revision.

While my digital story included necessary information to answer my topic question, the lack of narration diminished the impact and response that it would have otherwise had. In this life, we live and we learn, and I have tucked away this tidbit of advice for future digital presentations: when relying on a text-heavy presentation, narration (be it your own voice or a computer-generated voice) will always prove helpful because it adds to the emotional content of the presentation. Had I the time, I would have tried my hand at narration and incorporated throughout my digital story.

All in all, this digital story assignment was a learning curve and one that I will reflect upon when creating future digital projects.

Digital Story: Google Drive



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